This trend is not going away!

The trend came in like the new cool school kid, you hate him but you want to be friends with him. Third season in a row, the extra sleeves have made a room for itself in the fashion realm, passing the threshold of a fad and becoming a full swing of a major trend.

These unrealistically long sleeves are very extra, just what one would want in today’s chaos. Also called Vetemens sleeve, this seems to be a favorite trend for designers to express varied emotions.¬†This summer saw the long sleeve in all possible ways; Loewe’s extra bell, Chanel’s all over frills and Dior’s tunneled cuffs.

Though this trend has flooded the ramp, the consumers are yet to decode its practical day-to-day consumption.


A single word, or even the though of it, that can make me cringe right now is (no wait for it) 2018!

By this time of the year, we have assuredly forgotten about our (almost unrealistic) new year resolutions and are all set to linger on hopefully to the next year. Set deep within this season of festivals is our motivation, already beginning to feel cold.

But I decided to not give in to this lull and spent sometime making my own To-Do list. A list retracing my unfinished tasks and containing of short term goals that would make a happier me enter the new year.

The choice is entirely ours, to simply procrastinate through these end months waiting for a fresh start or have a few more ticks on the last year’s list.

I am going to try to do more, more of everything that keeps me going!