Ghost Restaurants


Sorry readers, this isn’t what you think this is!

A new business model in the food industry, which shows you a restaurant online, also delivers fast and yummy food, but in reality there isn’t any.

To the extent of staying true to this spooky-sounding-tasting-yummy concept, these restaurants might even have a mouth-watering Instagram feed.

These kitchens supply and deliver food either through their own online avatar or to a multi cuisine restaurant that technically doesn’t exist.

Green Summit found by Peter Schatzberg is one of the leaders of this concept in the US. The company employs around 50 chefs between 2 commissary kitchens in NYC to operate eight restaurant brands in, without a single dining room.

Leafage and Butcher Block, are two of its non-existent eateries delivering in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Chicago.

Another company Good Uncle  is contributing to the trend with its own commissary kitchens.


This model cuts down the cost significantly, saves on over heads but most importantly extends the liberty of offering multiple cuisines from a single kitchen set up.

As for the consumer the restaurant is certainly relevant as long as it offers FOOD and you can follow its feed online. Banking on the millennial approach, ordering food on smartphones will be hassle free making this latest trend resonate very well.

Prevalent in India since many years, these virtual kitchens have been feeding masses.

Sounds like the India Tiffin culture has dressed up in an English suite and has decided to conquer the New World.


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  1. Interesting take on the restaurant industry, virtual restaurants! I haven’t discovered any online in our area yet. Thanks for stopping by and following my photo and travel site.


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