LX is the new UX

*NOTE – LX for the context of this article does not mean Learning Experience Design

User experience design has long been the center of conversation for the product/service design industry. It has been enhancing the usability and enriching the experience of interaction of users through empathic approach.

With the arrival of podcasts lately, a completely new and a disruptive way of content consumption has hit the market. Podcasts have created a new avenue of interaction for people with technology, the listening interaction. This had widened the purview of user experience design expanding it to enhance the Listening Experience for consumers.

The stats from recent years show an immense growth in the consumption of podcasts, and with people having more time at hands due to the pandemic, the growth has only surged. Soon enough this generation will scroll through the podcast menu more than any visual social media app. Podcasts are quickly becoming a cultural staple. Millennials form a large percentage of listeners, they don’t believe time is money. They rather believe that time is everything, hence don’t mind shelling out a few extra bucks for buying paid subscriptions to podcast platforms to enjoy an uninterrupted listening experience.

It is time to address the change that podcasts have got in the industry and build support systems to help flawless browsing experience. This should be used as an opportunity to come up with technical solutions, frameworks, tools and best practices to enhance and also personalise the podcast experience. With the advent of smart homes, smart speakers the only way forward for consumers will be to have a dynamic audio experience and AI integrated mood based suggestions.

Sound will be the new screen—and your voice will be the remote control.

– Spotify

What’s next ?

Organisations like Microsoft are claiming to get your time back by rolling out features like Read out emails by outlook for android to more and more platforms being built where you can rather listen to blog posts than sitting through scrolling it.

The onus is now on content curators, podcastors and UX designers to create consumable audio content and build an immersive experience for customers.

This article is not a podcast guide, it is instead written to express the need of the hour for UX to expand horizons into LX and provide functional and adaptive solutions for a flawless experience.

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