Brand new Problem ?

Being a responsible citizen could cost you with acne! 

When you wear a face mask, friction is created due to the pressure, stretching and rubbing of the material constantly on the soft facial skin giving birth to a special acne – Maskne. These are outburst specifically on your nose, upper cheeks and chin.

Masks trap humidity and allow for overgrowth of microorganisms, which collectively block the pores and lead to acne flares. For face masks to be effective, they need to form a tight seal on the skin, which often leads to chafing. 

The market is quick to understand a newly created niche need and cater with beauty solutions. There are already a handful of solutions in the market that are designed to help with preventing, treating and dealing with the aftermath of blemishes. 

What’s New 

Hero Cosmetics have created Bundle Supports for “Every Stage of the Maskne Cycle” to help people with blemish-fighting essentials with the Mighty Patch and the Rescue Balm. The Face Balm for Masks Reduces Rubbing on Cheeks, Nose, and Ears by  creating a friction barrier to protect your skin against constant rubbing. 

The brands are getting even more specific with maskne skincare products to address new concerns that are arising. 

Are you ready for this new product line already ?

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