Fouramthings is a website for lifestyle and fashion. It is a trendlouge for all things cool, Four Am hints to early morning and synonymously here it refers to the trends being reported really early in their life cycle.  

We live in a dynamic world where everything is evolving quicker than we notice and this space will keep you updated with the major shifts in your surroundings. It is vital for everyone to be updated with major drifts of today’s generation to be on top of their games. Individuals, professionals and designers are all striving to have an extra edge in their industries and trend forecasting can provide them with a knowledge base to strengthen their products and services.

I am trying to build a community of trendwatchers, no matter where you belong, whether you are a  tech enthusiast, foodie, make up buff or a poet, I am sure you will all find some pieces of trends for your domains. 

As long as you want to keep a tab on knowing all the new, this is a place for you to watch! 

I am a design researcher with a knack for trends and this is my place to pour them all.